Adventure at Hotel Luna Mystica

Hotel Luna Mystica is one of the reasons why. It is a vortex of mesa desert lands and airstream campers nestled between the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Rio Grande Gorge just South of the Colorado border.

We stumbled upon Hotel Luna Mystica’s vintage trailer hotel and campground last summer while camping along the Rio Grande River in Taos, New Mexico. The airstream trailer has always drawn me in with its minimal yet timeless design. It is the perfect combination of vintage and modern.

We headed to Taos on Black Friday just before a massive snow storm was predicted to hit the area. Our first stop in Taos was Cid’s food Market on the North edge of town. Mother nature greeted us with a massive blasting wall of white snow just as we were checking out with our cart of organic groceries. We realized then and there that our adventure would consist of bunkering down in our cozy camper for the evening.

Upon arriving to our trailer at Hotel Luna Mystica, we cranked on the stove and cooked up the delicious food we got at Cid’s. We brewed copious amounts of french-pressed coffee, enjoyed creative time, and nestled warmly in bed as a big storm blew over us in the early evening. The storm was followed by a blanket of stars just outside our camper through the night. It was the perfect romantic getaway. 

This Christmas Brian and I have been engaged for 3 years. We’ve enjoyed soaking in the warmth of our engagement but are now collecting ideas for potential elopement locations. Hotel Luna Mystica is certainly one of our top choices. They offer a variety of wedding options – from elopements to small weddings. You could even hold an amazing large wedding by renting out the entire park. Taos Mesa brewing is located just next door and the Rio Grande Gorge bridge (which would make another beautiful ceremony location for an elopement or small wedding) is a short drive away. If your heart is drawn to New Mexico, to funky airstream campers, to mountain peaks and deep canyons and mesa desert lands, then you must check out Hotel Luna Mystica. If not for your elopement or wedding, then for a romantic adventure, engagement, or honeymoon destination.

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Noble Wild is an adventure elopement photographer couple, Jessica and Brian, based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They believe less is more, they value experiences over things, and feel nature is the best venue. They travel to photograph adventure elopements in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and wherever your heartstrings pull you.

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